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Mike's journey to

Meet Mike Gowans
Hello, I’m Mike Gowans, and below I'm going to share my story with you.

I grew up in Kansas to a normal upbringing where my parents both worked, my Mom owns a small flower shop and my Dad works at a corporate job in logistics. I was taught to work hard, be respectful and follow my dreams...fortunately for me, no matter what I thought I wanted to be, my parents always told me, "You can do anything you put your mind too!"
Here's where I had my first taste of success...or that's what I thought anyway.

I tried going to a motorcycle mechanic school thinking I was going to build choppers, I loved building things, but found out that wasn't for me and dropping out of school at 19 lead me into car sales.

I didn't know how I was doing it but I just talked to people and helped them find a car and somehow ended up becoming one of the top month I even broke $11,000 and won a boat!

And I thought I was pretty cool too, all you had to do was ask, lol. I thought, "Man, I'm doing pretty good now, I should go buy a bunch of stuff I don't need." I thought I was pretty smart and had it all figured out.

Boy did I get a nice taste of reality soon thereafter...
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
This was my exact desk at the car dealership in Phoenix 2006
The Beginning Of A Transformation
I was totally over the car business but will forever be grateful of that experience because it taught me that if you know how to sell you can make money no matter where you're at in the world.

The other thing it did was teach me there are people who are making good money and then there are people who are extremely wealthy. One thing I didn't understand at the time though was how they were making so much money???

One client came in and bought four cars cash and they were all expensive cars, he was wearing gym shorts and a white t-shirt...I was wearing a pressed collard shirt, $100 tie, fancy shoes, and slacks...all of which I wasn't fond of and he just spent on four cars what would take me 4 years to make at my current rate of $50k /year. 

He just walked in said, "I want those 4 cars and I'm paying cash..." He didn't even test drive them, he knew what he wanted and was super laid back about the whole deal. Obviously, money wasn't a big concern to him.

I thought to make money you had to look fancy, talk fancy and it was all about who you knew, at least that was what it looked like and sounded like from all the "so-called successful people" I knew in my little circle.

While he was sitting at the very desk in the picture shown above I had to ask him, "How did you get the ability to pay cash for these cars, my goal is to be super wealthy, do you have any pointers?"

He said, "Starting my own business was the best thing I ever did, I just got really good at helping people in the housing industry."

From that point forward I knew that was what I needed to do...
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
My actual fold up desk where I read over 150 books in one year.
I studied everything I could get my hands on that revolved around building a business, and I really loved computers and technology. 

I just knew it was the way of the future and I was already using computers to get leads and sales with the car business so naturally, I started studying online business.

The more and more I studied business, business owners and making money from the internet the more and more I wanted to quit my job and just do that. 

The other thing I started to really notice is that all the people that I was studying made more in a month than I did in a year and some even more than I'd make in several years.

Another key thing I noticed is they were all very good at a particular skill and they all were very good at sales.

I quit doing car sales and did anything and everything under-the-sun to come up with the money to survive while I was reading two to three books a week about online marketing and online business.

Many times I didn't even have enough money for food, not alone anything else, and it became pretty stressful at times.
I soon had to take up another job and while at that job I met a guy that changed my perception and belief of what was possible forever. 

The job I was doing at the time was phone sales and we were selling "start a business from scratch using bankcard machines" and all the sales training I had been reading and listening too sent me to the top of that company quick.

I began running several offices for the training and teaching people to sell over the phone and I quickly went from sleeping on my buddies couch to making several thousand a week. 

I wasn't happy doing it though because it was a job...but one good thing about it was I sharpened my sales skills and validated my ability to sell and teach sales.  

The owners had me writing sales scripts and training multiple rooms of up to 50+ people per room and the sales were growing.
Had my own office finally, but wanted out fast.
One of the rooms I was training phone sales.
Figuring out my script to sell on the phones.
Another office I was training phone sales at.
So Many Failures, But Quitting Never Existed To Me
During the time I was working phone sales to pay my bills and get back on my feet I was also trying to build websites and start businesses on the side to replace my phone sales job.

It was 2007 and I was still in Phoenix I had completely gotten rid of my TV and all I pretty much had was my little home office, a pile of books and a laptop where I was building websites trying to sell just about anything. 

I'd try to fix people's credit so they could buy cars or houses, tried selling little widgets I could buy cheap and re-sell for more and was basically aimless in my approach I was just trying everything. 

Once in a while I'd make a sale but mostly just always fell flat...but the credit repair thing started to gain some traction when I was doing phone sales to tell it but online it was pretty slow. 

I just couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing wrong...
The meet up that would change my life forever.
Every day for lunch at my phone sales job I'd go past this high-rise and always say to myself, "I'm going to live in one of those someday!" Come to find out, a friend of a friend lead me to a guy that actually owned a unit in that very can see the high-rise in the picture above, but this guy ended up changing the entire course of my life.

He had an awesome high-rise apartment, owned nice sports cars and had a business that allowed him to work when he wanted and from anywhere in the world.

My thought was, "whatever the hell that guy is doing to have what he has I am going to model it, do whatever he's doing and make this shit happen!"

We went out to eat one time and I told him I was doing phone sales and training offices in a few places around where he lives and they were pretty successful. 

I then said, "I really want to figure out what you're doing because I'm not doing the best at starting a business but I do know how to sell on the phone and I will do whatever it takes to get into your world to learn..."

A few days later we had breakfast by his high-rise and from that point forward everything changed! I quit my phone sales training job and he and I partnered up. He said, "I want you to help me build a sales team for my supplement company!" 

I was so pumped, he bought a 10,000 sq/ft warehouse and we started building out a phone salesroom and started selling his supplements b2b all over the United States.

The biggest thing I learned was how hard you have to work and how focused you have to be in order to actually accomplish something. I learned all about how disciplined, dedicated and willing to give it all up to gain a life of freedom. 

We ended up working so hard and so much to build this up that we ended up living in the warehouse. We didn't need all the space so we turned half of the warehouse into a house, we could've had a house but we just did nothing but build so we slept under our desks and focused.
The warehouse we converted into a phone sales room and grew the supplement business.
Then came yet another failure...

We had all these employees and we were working harder than ever, I was getting a really nice taste of what money can do, how to earn it and what a difference it can make in your life. 

The only problem was we had created a beast that soon started taking our life away from us, the more money we made the more we had to work. We didn't have a system, a team or any way to generate sales without a bunch of salespeople in our office. 

The salespeople and the office wasn't so much the problem, it's actually a really good thing IF you have an automated way to generate leads and a team built that can run the business for you.

Another problem I had was that I wanted to own my own business and I didn't want to sell supplements. In the back of my mind, I was always saying to myself, "All the work I'm doing for his company I could be doing for my own..."

But I knew that before I was ready to go out on my own I had to figure out a way to automate leads and sales.
The Moment EVERYTHING Changed
Once again I was hitting the books, searching for the answer to the automation of leads and sales. I knew the internet was the answer but I just didn't know how to do it right yet...
We had a pretty good nest egg built up and with our "all or nothing attitudes" we just fired all our employees and turned the salesroom into a huge think tank. 

Every day we crammed book after book, video after video and course after course into our brains. We would test each other and scribble sales funnels, sales videos, and sales page ideas on the board thinking we'd figured it out.

We studied anything and everything you could possibly find on the subject of online business. 

Finally, we came up with a process where we could literally rank videos or anything for that matter using this crazy we code and formula we developed. 
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
My study spot in our warehouse beside the couch I slept on many nights when I couldn't possibly read or highlight another sentence.
I've still never known anyone to use it, or teach it, but we spent a month creating a website, shopping cart, funnel, and sales video using this new code and formula we came up with.

We launched the business online for the first time, we didn't use any advertising because the process we had was supposed to get us #1 in Google and in least that was the plan!

The next 60 days was the when the sky opened up and it literally felt like I was born again...we went from ZERO online presence or online sales to selling almost $40,000 worth of a $49 product, without a single penny spent on ads and with a single video that we ranked #1 on YouTube.

The video was getting millions of views, our sales page was converting like crazy and we were making money without a single salesperson and in that very moment, I felt like I had the key to anything I wanted in life.
The video that would organically bring in all the sales that ranked #1 on YouTube and received millions of views.
We would just park out behind the warehouse, we weren't even technically able to live there but we did anyway.
The website and process we used to consistently without any advertising or sales people to generate $30k+ per month.
The Big Move, Reset & Breakthrough
As I said I wanted to own my own business and I wasn't really excited about the supplement business, so I had to make a decision...

It was one of the hardest decisions I'd ever made too, but I left the business and moved back to Kansas, January 10th, 2011.  I was going to start my own business and didn't really have any clue what I was going to sell.

I had learned to live with basically nothing, how to sell on the phone and online and by this point, I had read over 200+ books in business, psychology, physics, and sales. I had listened to or watched thousands of hours of training and knew what it was going to take in terms of work.

Most importantly I realized that what really causes someone to give you their money was when you SOLVED THEIR PROBLEM. When you helped them figure out where they are right now, where they want to go and you helped them solve their problem and achieve their goals.

And so, I took everything I'd learned and started a digital marketing agency while I relentlessly studied and mastered the art of turning strangers into money using the internet. I knew that every business needs customers and if I master the art of customer acquisition I would have a skill that would serve me forever anywhere. 
The GowansMedia Marketing Agency Website
New Home Office Recording Sales Video
Teamed up with my girlfriend and grew company to over 30 clients and $30k+/month
Started coaching companies and their marketing teams how to get results online.
One of the things that started happening after we'd built up this huge 30+ client "done-for-you" marketing agency and mastering the skills of attracting and converting customers in over 50 different industries is that everyone wants to start learning how we do it. 

This was particularly powerful for us to start realizing too...because this "done-for-you" style of business is very taxing, limited to a certain degree and it wasn't allowing us to serve the people the way we wanted too. 

It was the best thing that ever happened to us, and also a curse in the same sentence. 

We noticed that some businesses would hire us to do their marketing while others would hire us for our knowledge. They simply would pay us large scores of money to just teach them how we did everything. 

Friends, business owners and random people we would get into a conversation with would want us to show them how we're able to grow our agency to multiple six figures in such a short amount of time. 
Michele and I coaching a group on a video conference
Michele hired to speak to business owners
Businesses would fly us out for the day to to their sales teams
We started with 1-on-1 coaching via webinars and moved into 1-to-many group coaching. 
The demand for people wanting to hire us to coach and mentor them soon became a problem because we couldn't make it all work because of our "done-for-you" marketing agency demands. We had around six employees and contractors working for us at one point and it was still a challenge to serve everyone.

We loved digital marketing but we more interested in teaching others how to generate qualified prospects for their own business instead of showing them how to create a "done-for-you" marketing agency because of the demands and limitations on being able to scale.

The power in what we were able to do for companies was the ability to turn complete strangers into customers; it was about cold customer acquisition. 

Showing businesses how to find their market or niche, show them how to attract the 1% to 3% of the customers ready to buy right now and how to sell them using automation...our students went from no website, no social media presence and some didn't even have a product...yet they would start having success within a few months.

What we were doing was pretty simple actually...

We teach our students who had mastered a skill, had an impactful message or had specialized knowledge to take their knowledge or skills and turn them into organized group coaching sessions, membership programs, and online digital training courses.

In short, we were helping our students start or build online virtual coaching businesses and we focused on teaching them how to create continuity in their business because of the many failures we had in our own business because of cash flow.

My girlfriend and I had created small coaching and training programs in the past, and we knew that we needed to do that again! We knew we needed something that could deliver value 24/7 to our students without our direct live attendance. 
Clip out of one of the marketing courses
Michele and I created a b2b coaching course.
Creating a course at one of our offices.
One of the first digital marketing programs.
After many days of working out the directions, we actually decided to both start our own training programs. 

She had a really strong following of women, mainly moms, who needed her help in the health & online business space. So she began building her coaching and training program and I started mine...

Instantly, I began designing and building a course that anyone with specialized knowledge could take online and learn how to build their own online virtual coaching business and I wanted them to be able to do it at a fast pace.
The Velocity Training Program
Right out of the gate, like many of my previous attempts at starting a new business, my course didn't take off the way I wanted it to. We had just moved into a new home, and I was trying to get settled in about this same time and my first couple training products and programs I developed were working but it wasn't even close to impact and level I knew I was heading towards...

There's fierce competition out there serving up online training programs and courses, and I've been through the best courses available in this space but there was one thing I noticed. 

Most of them were honestly just put together quick, not going deep enough to really show someone how to get the results, how to really think about what they were building and they didn't come out and say what it actually took. You were still left to fend for yourself... They would spend more time on their sales and marketing instead of making a product that was complete, one that would tell you how it really is and one that covered everything needed to ACTUALLY get results.
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
Moved into the new office and building out The Velocity Training Program
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
The kids and their new neighbor, new house and our new lifestyle getting settled in...lots of distractions!
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
Transforming my focus, mindset and goals to serve my students.
The focus I had for my business and product was one that was going to be complete with regard to every detail. I wanted a business that taught real business fundamentals, solved problems and delivered true confidence through understanding so my students could feel powerful and confident when they finished. 

I want my students to GET RESULTS!  

I told myself I'm building this with long-term ever-growing quality, forever improvements, real information that transcends trends and build something that didn't need fancy psychology twisting sales trickery to should sell itself because it delivers results. 
Mike Gowans Scottsdale Car Dealership Days
The Velocity Training Program is built with proven business and marketing fundamentals so my students all over the world can get real results.
My mission is to set a standard of how courses are created and go deeper with more value than anyone has ever experienced.

Because of this determination and life-long goal, The Velocity Training Program has been developed and will forever go through iteration after iteration relentlessly focused on the students and their results.

I've always been inspired by how Porsche has made small incremental improvements on their flagship car the Porsche 911. Every year since 1963 they have made incremental iterations and improvements with the focus to make the Porsche 911 the best sports car money can buy. 

That's exactly how we're focused on building our products, business, and team.  

Always focused on constant and never-ending improvements so we can serve our customers with the highest quality training that consistently deliver results.
Porsche 911 from 1963 to 2020 | ExpertContinuity | Mike Gowans
(on the left) The 1963 Porsche 911  - (on the right) 2020 Porsche 911
When I've taught the lessons that are included in this course to my clients and first few students it was very evident that The Velocity Training Program was going to a powerful instrument that would change the lives of anyone who experienced it and took action.

If you want to get your very own personal experience with The Velocity Training Program and find out what it's all about, take a look at this video:
How To Transition From Services To Products By Doing Less |
What's coming down the road
The most important and most amazing feeling is when my students reach success. When they break through the levels they never thought was possible. When they overcome their limiting beliefs, take action and go on to change the lives of their students. It's a forever ripple I want to continue to bring to the world. Anyone can do anything they decide to do, people can become whatever they focus on. 

Knowing what it's like to go from complete zero, at the very bottom and then reaching success myself...there's not a person on this planet that can convince me that it's "not possible for them to do it". Just like everything in nature, we are built one layer at a time, what we think about we get more of...what we focus on GROWS!

Our students are our family, and like any strong family, we are here for each other. We learn together, fail together, get back up together, celebrate together and always keep focused on helping others! 

As our students reach their different levels of success and performance we bring create trips and experiences that concrete and validate their growth only to set new levels. 

All my life I've wanted to be successful, it's been a series of extreme failures and unbelievable breakthroughs in awareness and most importantly a monumental shift in my universe that in order to be successful you have to make everyone else around you successful.

The virtual coaching & education business is now, has propelled humankind ever since the first human said, "Study - Practice - TEACH." It's now our turn to continue this movement, and it would mean everything to have you join me!
Evolve From Services To Product
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